Information and Analysis.

Political Monitoring and Reports

Ensure you are up-to-date with the latest political and policy developments.

Our services include daily alerts, legislation tracking, media summaries and issue briefings - providing you with timely information, intelligence and analysis to support your organisation's objectives.

Research and Analysis

Our research support provides understanding and insight into an issue and its key players.

We can provide policy audits and benchmarking, profiles of key parliamentarians and decision-makers, mapping of political interests, and tailored policy briefings.

What we offer.

Political awareness, intelligence and insight.

Our research, briefing and analysis services ensure you understand the political environment and stay ahead of current thinking - from the progress of legislation through parliament, to breaking policy announcements, as well as the views of key stakeholders, locally and nationally.

As part of our bespoke service, we can also provide comprehensive research support to help you prepare a new campaign, or review a political contact programme - providing in-depth understanding and insight on an issue, and the emerging lines of argument.

Our research team also underpins our range of other services - including our policy conferences, and campaigns and communications support - ensuring that our approach is consistently driven by an understanding of the latest political environment, and incorporates the views of all relevant parties.